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Report of the international day against violence on women 2016

The activities around the 25th of November in Austria were realized under the slogan: “Your violence is not frightening us! Women against patriarchy and fascism!” Especially the antifascist struggles in the last months showed us the great revolutionary force of women. They struggled in the front lines and represented the slogan “Your violence is not frightening us”.

The violence on women in Austria is not only the individual violence inside the family, working-place or school, the violence is exercised especially from the imperialist state. It can be seen much more with the growing fascism in Europe and also in Austria: The violence against muslim women, the repression against women-protests, women who live here as refugees and also the great dependence of women from the state. The imperialistic state pushes the bourgeois feminism, to separate women’s struggle and suppresses them.

On the international day of women it was shown, that the women don’t let frighten themselves, or get inactive. There were made „wanted posters“ of women antifascist fighters and partisans, who fought against nazi-fascism. These were spread and discussed in different cities in Austria.
These women are a good example for us today, because they didn`t give up though the great terror of nazi-fascism, the repression against the people, murder, torture and concentration camps. They fought for the emancipation of women and masses. An important communist from Austria, Hedy Urach, which was murdered by the fascists in 1943 said: „I`m a child from the working class, this wonderful part of the masses, which brings all life.“

For the international day against violence on woman there were made events, posters, discussions on proletarian feminism, participation on demonstrations in Vienna and Innsbruck. In Vienna there was shown a documentary, which shows interviews with women who struggled against Nazi-fascism. The activities showed, that threw the proletarian line in feminism, new forces could be involved and developed. The proletarian feminism has to be the fundamental for the struggle against Patriarchy and Fascism! Threw the activities it was accomplished to have a better understanding of proletarian feminism, to spread it and that women developed threw the struggle – as a strong antifascist and revolutionary force!

Honor to the womens partisans!
Forward with the womens struggle against Patriarchy and Fascism!
Long lives proletarian feminism!

Pictures of actions around the international day against violence on women:



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